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Little Footsteps on the Petals

Date Written: 1974


A North Country comedy set in the sixties.

Brian wants to marry Mona, Mona wants to marry Brian, but family ties are too strong for her to leave her father and grandfather alone. She is needed to keep the family together.

When Grand pops dies, and her father wins the pools both on the same evening, she finally sees a way for her to escape, only to have her hopes dashed again by fate taking another turn for the worst.

Jimmy her brother forgot to post the coupon...

Men: 4 Women: 2

Set: The Kitchen and scullery of a terraced house in a town in the North of England

Time: The 1960's

Available for Production contact DCG Media Group


Specifically writen for Sheila Bernette and Frank Marlborough with whom Glyn had worked with on a production of Who Goes Bare.Originally called spagetti Junction it was never produced.