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Bay Rum

Date Written: 1963


Millie a wannabe novelist travels to a lonely tropical island in search of peace and quite in which she can begin her writing, she becomes emotionally involved with a handsome young man Buzz Tooley, who all the other islanders shun and when it is revealed he has been dead for 12 months she decides to leave and never to return, only to find true love in the guise of another writer seeking ideas.

First Produced: 1964 Theatre: Buxton

Set: The action takes place on a small tropical island in whichever archipelago takes your fancy. Time: the present


This one the critics did not have to tell me it was a dog though, in fact, the critics in this instance were quite kind if somewhat patronising. The first act was fine. The second act was toe-curlingly embarrassing: forced, artificial, downright bad in fact. The play is archive material, no more than that, and stays in the bottom drawer.