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Early One Morning

Date Written: 1963


synopsis Ian and Sheila pick each other up at a train station early one morning.

Sheila is waiting for her husband, but when she sees him in the arms of another woman decides in a pique of jealousy to do something about it. Ian waiting, he says for his girlfriend, seeing her in the arms of another man, decides to spread his talents around, useless keeping all your eggs in one basket.

They go back to his place, a sordid little bed-sit in which to consummate the affair, but Sheila can't do it. She is used to more luxury, all she wants is to make her husband jealous, not get involved in this seedy affaire.

Changing locations to her penthouse apartment in the hopes that her husband will catch them, Shelia has kept the carrot dangling in front of Ian and he has had enough.

Shelia's husband returns home with the other woman on his arm. 'Who is she?' Shelia demands, 'a young lady in distress', he replies, 'we were travelling together on the train and as we pulled into the station she saw her husband Ian in the arms of another woman!'

First Produced: 22nd November 1963, Civic Theatre Chelmsford

Set: 1 Duplex set

Available for Production contact DCG Media Group