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Red In the Morning

ISBN 0 573 69094

Published Samuel French © 1977


David and Penny are off on a second honey moon, so they are leaving there son with Grandma Evie, in her large house in the country. The household is in a state of nervous excitement awaiting their arrival, which the minor interruption of some telephone engineers, cannot dampen. Maybe the engineers shouldn't have repaired the telephone, as the next time it rings; it's to inform Evie, that her grandson has been kidnapped.

Suspense builds as Evie has 48 hours in which to deliver the ransom money, 48 hours to discover that the kidnappers are in fact still at large in the house, and 48 hours in which to keep her secret past hidden. As the bodies pile high, who will survive this dark tale; this piece of Grand Guignol!

First Produced: 1987 Theatre: James Madison University Theatre

Set: The conservatory of a Victorian country house.

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